Mixed fortunes in Barcelona

It was a mixed weekend in Spain for Round 4 of the European Le Mans series with the best qualifying result of the season so far by Bailey of 3rd. Unfortunately, accident damage to the car sustained early in the race resulted in a below-par result.

Under a sweltering blue sky and 33+ degree heat Bailey qualified the number 2 car on the 2nd row of the grid in 3rd position, an excellent qualifying result and the best of the season so far. The race started well with the car battling for the lead, but unfortunately a crash before Bailey took over resulted in bodywork damage and the resulting poor aero performance meant the car progressively dropped back, hindered further by a forced pit stop late on to replace missing parts. United’s number 2 car eventually finished 9th at the end of the 4-hour race, not the result Bailey or the team wanted from an otherwise strong weekend, but now everyone has eyes on Spa in a months’ time for round 5.

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